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BURNCO Landscape Centre

Serverless dispatch systempowered by AWS Technologies

Learn how Xerris used AWS serverless technologies to help BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc SCALE UP their digital services while SCALING DOWN their call center.


BURNCO Problem


Serverless Dispatch System


A leading Calgary-based landscape supply provider BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc was faced with a growing business problem that created a need to hire dozens of customer service representatives and fill up a call center to address the onslaught of customers order-related inquiries. BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc engaged Xerris to propose a design for a new eCommerce and dispatch system.

The solution

Xerris proposed a solution that uses AWS Serverless technologies like Lambda, S3, SQS, and DynamoDB to implement a new dispatch system by leveraging a last-mile delivery subscription SaaS provider, OnFleet.

To break ground Xerris worked closely with BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc and implemented AWS Control Tower. Using AWS Cloudwatch Alerts and dashboards Xerris deployed an order entry and delivery monitoring solution. It helped automate the order entry into OnFleet, provide customers the real-time status of the order whereabouts, and allowed drivers to mark items as delivered.

The result - full ownership of the production environment by the operational team in just 6 months and a substantial reduction to the size of the call center.

BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc was able to reduce its call center by 70% since the solution was deployed across all stores nationwide. Further efficiencies are expected next year as the new eCommerce Shopify solution built by Xerris is implemented in addition to the serverless dispatch system.

BURNCO Solution


  • AWS Control Tower (security)
  • AWS Cloudwatch Alerts
  • AWS S3 & SQS
  • AWS Lambda and DynamoDB (storage & integration)
  • Implementation of OnFleet (SaaS offering)
  • .NET Core
  • API Gateway



reduction in the size of the call center following the solution deployment


fewer order-related calls to the call center


fewer minutes spent on an average delivery, thanks to OnFleet AI optimized routing